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Using Ozone for Mold Remediation


Ozone is a molecule that is composed of three atoms of oxygen. The oxygen we breathe is composed of two atoms of oxygen forming the basic oxygen molecule. The third oxygen atom forms once it is detached from the ozone molecule and reattaches to other substances altering their chemical composition. 

What is an Ozone Generator and Should I Use One to Address an Existing Mold Problem? 

An ozone generator is used to produce gas ozone. If used effectively, ozone will reach high levels in the air and remove air pollutants. This is not recommended when dealing with an existing mold problem. Ozone can irritate the lungs and is not an effective solution for dealing with indoor mold. Overexposure to ozone can be dangerous. 

Depending on the location and progression of the mold, the following are four methods for remediating mold damage. Each method varies based on the building and level of affected materials.  

  1. Wet Vacuum
  2. Damp Wipe
  3. HEPA Vacuum
  4. Discard

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