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The Emergency Response Program Keeps You Prepared For The Next Disaster

Our ERP Platform

When you sign up for our Emergency Response Program, you are gaining both access to our ERP platform, as well as guaranteeing you receive priority response in the event of a disaster. In addition to giving you a safe place to store your important documents, our ERP Platform allows you a number of benefits, including:

24/7 Cloud Access

Secure Login

Upload/Download Documents From Any Device

Photo Storage

Primary Vendors & Contacts Easy Access

The Cost Of Being Unprepared

Losing It All

We all know that when it comes to disasters, response time is key. A few minutes can be the difference between saving your business or losing it. When you sign up for our ERP you are receiving priority response privileges, which puts you in the front of the line should disaster strike.

Wasted Time

One of the biggest benefits of signing up for our ERP is that you are able to provide us with the important documentation needed to get the restoration process started. When you aren’t prepared, this will take extra time and that time can lead to further damages.

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Priority Service Guaranteed For Any Service

Smoke Damage Cleaning

Fire Damage Restoration

Water & Flood Damage 

Storm Damage Cleanup

Mold Removal

Restoration Services For Commercial Facilities

Storm season may be predictable, but a disaster can strike at any moment. Having a plan can make a huge difference in overall damages and losses you experience as a result of the disaster.

Signing up for First Response Disaster Team’s Emergency Response Program ensures that you will be ready when and if the time comes when your business is impacted by disaster. Combine the time saved by receiving priority response with the reality that all the paperwork is done and we can begin the phases of restoration the second we show up to your property.

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