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24/7 Emergency Water Removal Services in Central Florida

In the aftermath of a water related disaster, your home or business will be left with some level of water damage. This damage will continue to worsen every second that the water remains in contact with the building materials on your property. Because of this, fast water removal services or water extraction services the highest priority in any water damage situation.

At First Response Disaster Team we offer 24 hour emergency response services, 365 days a year, offering professional water removal services for home and business owners in Central Florida. When you and your property are impacted by water damage, give us a call and we’ll send a water extraction expert to your home or business immediately.

24/7 Water Restoration Services in Central Florida

Common Causes of Water Damage

Because of the variance in causes and types of water damage, the company you choose to help remove the water and eventually restore your property is actually quite important. A well experienced water removal company will have the equipment to handle any level of water damage, and the techniques needed to remove the water and preserve your property and belongings as much as possible. The most common causes of water damage that we come across in Central Florida include:

Failed Appliances

Burst Pipes

Fire Extinguishing Efforts

Foundational Leak

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Our Water Extraction Process

Water damage requires immediate action, and because water disasters don’t always hit between 9am and 5pm, we ate FRDT offer 24/7 emergency response services. Our team is always perpared to respond to your water damage immediately.

When you call us, day or night, we will immediately send one of our water damage experts to your property to inspect the water damage and other information that will help us to develope a removal plan complete with timeline and cost estimates.

In more severe water damage cases you may need to move furiture or other belongings out of your property to protect them from any further damage. At FRDT we offer comprehensive packout services, which means that from boxing and removing items to transportation, storage, and even restoration, you can rely on us to take care of your belongings while we remove the water from your property.

The water removal process starts as soon as possible. Our team will begin working with our truck mounted, industry leading, water extraction equipment to remove every last drop of water from within your Central Florida property. Once the surface water has been removed, we will clear the property of any water logged materials then turn our attention to drying and dehumidifying the property.

Once the water is removed, we finish the water restoration process. This includes completely drying and dehumidifying the space, sanitizing all affected areas, and restoring conditions to a habitable level.

Full Service Water Extraction Company

The reality with water damage is that removing the water is only the beginning of the full restoration process. Once the water has been extracted, your property will still need to be cleaned, overly saturated and damaged materials will need to be removed, and whatever damage was done will need to be repaired. So while calling a water removal specialist may seem like the right idea when you have a few inches of water building up in your living room, calling a full-service water restoration company can reduce the damage to your property, while also saving you time and money in the restoration process. When you notice water damage in your home or business property, call FRDT to receive comprehensive, start to finish, water damage restoration services. We will get your property back to its pre-disaster condition as soon as possible.
Flood Damage Restoration

Why Work With The Disaster Team For Water Removal Services

24/7 Emergency Services

When it comes to disasters, a quick response time is of the utmost importance. Our disaster response team is ready 24/7 whenever you need us for water extraction services.

Quick Estimates

When you call First Response Disaster Team, we will send an expert to your property to evaluate the situation and provide you will a quick and accurate estimate for water damage restoration.

Industrial Equipment

Our industry leading, truck mounted, water extraction equipment allows us to remove water faster, minimizing the damage to your property. We are the most trusted water extraction company in the business!