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Sanford FL Community Guide & Restoration Services

Sanford, Florida

Sanford FL is a fast-growing city in central Florida with over 61,000 residents. The population has grown significantly in under 10 years. This is a continuation of an earlier trend when Sanford had a 39% population growth between 2000 and 2010. It is no surprise that residents and visitors alike love the area.

Sanford Water Damage Restoration

Things to do in Sanford, Florida

Sanford’s downtown is full of antique shops and collectible shops. If shopping is not for you, Sanford is also home to Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, one of the newest arts centers in all of central Florida. 

As the city is halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach, you are always close to the best attractions of the entire state.  

Sanford, Florida Weather

With a comfortable yearly mean temperature of 73 degrees, Sanford can be called a very pleasant place to live in. Its average high is 83 degrees and it rarely drops below 63. 

There is plenty of rain, but also plenty of sunny days.  The days with the most rain are the hottest days in July when you can expect 8.2 inches of rainfall. 

Sanford FL Storm Damage Cleanup

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Restoration Services In Sanford, Florida

Water Damage Sanford FL

When your Sanford FL home or business has water damage, it is crucial to act quickly. FRDT responds 24/7 to water damage Sanford to provide water extraction, water damage cleanup, water damage restoration, and drying.

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in your Sanford home is devastating. To protect your home from extra damages you have to move fast. Call us for 24/7 emergency fire board-up services, fire damage cleanup, fire damage restoration services, smoke damage cleaning, and smoke odor removal. 

Smoke Damage Cleaning

The smoke left behind after a fire is harmful to your health. Beyond this, it also damages any surface with which it comes into contact. We provide effective smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot clean-up, and smoke deodorization. 

Mold Removal Services

Mold is dangerous for your property and your family. Unfortunately, Floridas hot, humid environment supports the growth of mold spores. The moment you notice mold call FRDT. We respond quickly to provide mold removal and mold remediation services.