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Altamonte Springs FL Community Guide & Restoration Services

Exploring Altamonte Springs, Florida

Home to over 41,000 residents, Altamonte Springs FL is located in central Florida. It recently celebrated 100 years since its incorporation as a town and is one of the nicest communities in the vicinity.

A mix of modern urban and  luxury suburban family homes, Altamonte Springs is an attractive destination for anyone thinking of moving to Florida.

The First Response Disaster Team is happy to provide expert restoration services to the citizens of Altamonte Springs FL and beyond.

Altamonte Springs Professional Restoration Services
Alatamonte Springs Mall Restoration Company

Things to do in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Altamonte Springs FL has a great downtown area is a place bustling with life. You can go for a stroll in its beautiful Crane’s Roost Park, or head out to the very entertaining Altamonte Mall. 

There are many nature trails and hikes around Altamonte like Lake Lotus Nature Park. 

No matter your interests, you are sure to find an activity that suits your style. Altamonte Springs, FL also offers close proximity to several of central Florida’s top attractions.

Altamonte Springs, Florida Weather

Altamonte Springs boasts an impressive average of 237 sunny days per year. It does have a bit more than average rainy days as well, but in general, it is a very sunny, pleasant city to be in.

During the summer, you can expect the heat to rise, regularly exceeding 80 degrees, sometimes reaching up 92 degrees. While the heat can be a beast, there are no shortage of ways to cool off. 

Altamonte Springs Water Restoration Services

Restoration Services In Altamonte Springs, Florida

Water Damage Altamonte Springs FL

When your Altamonte Springs FL home or business has water damage, you have to act quickly and decisively. FRDT responds 24/7 to water damage Altamonte Springs to provide water extraction, water damage cleanup, water damage restoration and drying.

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in your Altamonte Springs home is devastating. There are so many tasks that need attention, and all of them have high priority. Call us for 24/7 emergency fire board-up services, fire damage cleanup, fire damage restoration services, smoke damage cleaning, and smoke odor removal. 

Smoke Damage Cleaning

The smoke left behind after a fire is harmful to your health. Prolonged exposure to breathing smoke can cause serious consequences. Beyond this, it also damages any surface with which it comes into contact. We provide effective smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleanup, and smoke deodorization.

Mold Removal Services

Mold is dangerous for your property and your family. It can cause allergies, trigger asthma and cause long-term health damage.  When your home has mold, FRDT responds to provide mold removal and mold remediation services. We are your trusted mold removal remediation company in the area.