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10 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

Spring is in the air! Our lawns are turning green in front of our eyes, which means yardwork is on the to-do list. It’s a great time to get outside and be sure your yard and property are ready for the season.

There are some things to check your property for after winter fades. Spring can bring thunderstorms, and with storms comes rain and wind. The landscape begins to turn greener and trees start to become fuller, which means branches are heavier when those storms creep in. It’s important to maintain your yard and property to minimize damage during bad weather.

Here are some tasks that are important when it comes to spring property maintenance:

  1. Inspect exterior walls and foundation
  2. Complete a roof and chimney inspection
  3. Window inspection and cleaning
  4. Attic and crawl space inspection
  5. Clear out gutters and downspouts
  6. Have your air conditioning units serviced
  7. Inspect and trim trees
  8. Pest inspection, particularly for termites and mice
  9. Re-seal exterior woodwork, such as decks and fences
  10. Check your dryer vent

You’ll be glad to get these items off the to-do list before it heats up outside, and before those spring rain storms roll in.