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How to Spot Signs of Water Damage


What is Water Damage?

Unexpected water damage can be a burden with the potential to cause major damage to your home or business. Our water restoration specialists provide insight on what to look out for as well as the experience needed to fix such problems.

Before calling in the experts, these tips show how to spot signs water damage: 

  1. Interior damage
  2. Exterior damage
  3. Dripping water sounds
  4. Damp smell
  5. Mold formation

Damage to Interior

Dark or wet spots on ceiling – One of the most obvious signs of water damage are dark or wet looking spots on walls and/or ceilings. 

Loosened or warped flooring – If you notice flooring start to warp, lift, or squeak, there is a chance water is trapped beneath the surface. 

Exterior Issues

When checking the exterior of your home or business, a few signs of water damage to look out for include:

  • Damage to shingles or siding
  • Cracks in foundation 
  • Poor drainage and pooling water
  • Leakage around windows or doors

If you notice one or more of these signs on the exterior of your building, it’s likely time to call a water damage restoration expert to prevent further damage to the structure. 

Dripping Water Sounds

There are multiple reasons you might hear the sound of dripping water in your home or business, one of which is water damage.

A dripping sound within the floor, walls, or ceiling can be a sign that a pipe has been damaged and water is building up where it shouldn’t be. 

If you notice a consistent dripping sound, contact our team for a consultation.

Damp Smell

A damp or musty scent is often associated with water damage. As moisture begins to grow without proper air flow, an odor may form which is a sure sign of an underlying issue often leading to water damage and can potentially lead to dangerous mold. 

Mold Formation

As water begins to form without proper drainage or ventilation, mold can begin to grow within a couple of days. The longer mold goes untreated, the more it will grow and become not only damaging to the overall structure, but to your health.

Signs of Mold: 

  • Discoloration of impacted area
  • Musty odor
  • Fungus near area
  • Cough or sneezing

How Do You Respond to Water Damage Fast?

If you begin to notice the start or progression of any of the above signs, it’s time to call in an expert. Our restoration services can help resolve and prevent future damage to your home or business.

Once the impacted area has been restored, our experts will provide you with the tools and knowledge to prevent these issues in the future and know what to do if they should start to arise again.

We welcome you to contact our team to learn more about our water damage restoration services or click here to schedule a consultation or learn more about how to spot signs of water damage.