Fire and Smoke Damage

Few experiences are as devastating as fire damage to your home or business. Priceless, sentimental belongings are often damaged beyond repair, and the physical and emotional trauma can cause lasting effects. Once the fire officials have left the scene, you are left alone wondering, "Now what?" Fortunately, there are professionals that can take over and help return your home and life back to normal as quickly and professionally as possible. Be sure to check any contractor's licenses and insurance, and ask which industry certifications and training they have.


Below are several steps you can take immediately to protect your home and reduce the damaging effects of smoke and soot:

  • Board up any doors or windows that have been damaged or destroyed to discourage vandalism as well as prevent additional damage from rain or wind.
  • Disturb as little of the damaged area as possible to prevent contamination to unaffected areas.
  • Open doors and windows if possible. Ventilation will reduce the penetration of smoke odor.


Smoke and soot damage can present a very challenging restoration experience. Below are some steps, materials and equipment a professional fire restoration contractor will utilize:

  • Soot and carbons created during a fire have been reported to be carcinogenic. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including respirators with HEPA-rated filters must be worn during restoration process.
  • Charred, unsalvageable furniture and severely damaged structural materials must be removed ASAP to help eliminate and prevent further odors. The longer these materials sit, the harder to remove residue and odor.
  • Water damage remediation may be necessary, utilizing specific drying equipment.A preliminary deodorization with an odor counteractant and deodorizing fog will be an important step in permanently eliminating odors.
  • Salvageable contents will be packed-out to be professionally cleaned off-site.
  • A comprehensive structural cleaning and deodorization can then be completed utilizing professional solvents, chemicals and equipment including HEPA-filter air scrubbers and ozone machines.