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Water Removal from Your Carpet

So you’ve had water damage from some type of water intrusion, and now you have a wet carpet.

What do you do? There are several things to consider:

How much water are we talking about?

  • If there is minimal water damage, three or 4 gallons, you can probably use a shop vacuum to remove the water, then direct large fans at the water damaged area. You should also use a dehumidifier in the room if you have access to one.
  • If a large area is affected and/or there is an excessive amount of water damage you will need the water professionally removed with a water extractor. The professional will also be able to “float” the carpet and pad and get air circulating underneath.

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What was the water source?

  • Flood and sewer backup water can contain bacteria, fecal matter, viruses and other organisms that can cause disease. In this case the carpet must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with an antimicrobial agent.

Was any drywall in the room affected?

  • Drywall is a very porous material and water will very quickly wick. Remove the baseboard and inspect for damage. It may be necessary to remove and replace a portion of the wet drywall.

How long has the carpet had water damage?

  • Mold can begin to grow within 24 – 48 hours, in which case you will unfortunately need to remove both the carpet and pad.

In summary, if the water damage to your carpet is minimal you can probably dry that yourself with a shop vacuum, large fans to encourage air circulation, and a dehumidifier. If the water damage is more severe, consider calling a professional.

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