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7 Water Damage Prevention Tips

Devastating water damage can occur, whether you live in your home year round or stay in your vacation home seasonally. Damage might occur from a source you do not expect, such as an overflowing toilet or leaking washing machine.

In case damage occurs, First Response Disaster Team is here to help fast and professionally. If you are within 50 miles of Daytona Beach, we can be at your home within hours if disaster strikes.

How to Prevent Water Damage:

Here are 7 tips to prevent water damage at your home by conducting routine checks

1. Plumbing

Visually inspect pipes annually for condensation, corrosion or obvious leaks and call a plumber at the first signs of rust-colored water or backed up toilets or sinks to prevent water damage.

2. Roof

Hire a professional to inspect your roof annually. Repair cracked or missing shingles, pooling water and flashing deterioration.

3. Washing Machine

Inspect the water supply hoses every six months for cracks, kinks or dry rot. Consider replacing rubber hoses with stainless steel

4. Toilets

After flushing, remain close by until the fill valve has finished refilling the bowl. Inspect the supply line, valve and flushing mechanism every six months.

5. Showers

Test the shower pan annually to see if it holds water properly when the floor drain is blocked.

6. Water Heater

Remove sediment by flushing the tank every six months. Do hire a professional plumber to inspect the unit at least once every two years.

7. Sinks

Inspect the plumbing beneath sinks every six months and repair any corrosion and loose connections.

Put these safety measure in place and you will decrease the chances of an unexpected flood in your home drastically.

Flood Bud

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